Implementing and Overseeing Electronic Voting and Counting Challenges
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Manual on E-Voting and Counting


This guide, co-authored by NDI and IFES, provides practical guidance on navigating the opportunities and pitfalls of using electronic voting and counting technologies. For election officials, the guide helps carefully weigh the benefits and challenges of transitioning to e-voting or counting, as well as implement these technologies. It equips political parties and election observers to more effectively engage in and monitor these processes. For democracy and governance specialists, the guide assists in designing electoral assistance programs in countries adopting or considering the use of electronic technologies.


Sections of the guide include, but are not limited to: benefits and challenges of e-voting and counting;types of election technologies;emerging e-voting standards;making a decision on whether to adopt technologies;building an e-voting or counting system;implementing and monitoring e-voting;and internet voting. It also includes case study reports on e-voting and counting experiences in Brazil, the Netherlands and the Philippines, as well as a list of additional resources.


The guide is designed both for readers interested in a brief primer on e-voting and counting technologies, as well as for readers seeking a more in-depth, practical understanding of the subject. Country-specific examples and key considerations checklists are embedded within each section to help readers better conceptualize the information presented. Click here for tips on how to use this guide based on your specific needs, download the PDF version of the guide, or begin reading now.